Roy Lichtenstein | Shipboard Girl | 1965

Roy Lichtenstein

“Shipboard Girl”

Jonas Wood | Dogface Purple Orchid | 2022

Jonas Wood

“Dogface Purple Orchid”

Roy Lichtenstein | Two Paintings: Dagwood' from the Paintings series | 1984

Roy Lichtenstein

“Two Paintings: Dagwood from the Paintings series”


ANDY WARHOL / Unique Body

Warhol’s coveted uneditioned prints (Uniques) position themselves somewhere between his canvases, collages, and drawings on the one side, and his numerous celebrated printed editions on the other. Not originally intended for public eyes, these works offer a rare glimpse into the artist’s practice and psyche. These vivid experiments in color, composition, and subject hint at the inner workings of one of the most radically experimental artists in history; they’re less worked over, less fussed with, and offer a raw and electric experience of Warhol.


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