We are thrilled to announce that the artwork of Fallen Fruit, the renowned Los Angeles-based art collaboration by David Allen Burns and Austin Young is now available on the Hamilton-Selway online shop! This initiative began by mapping publicly accessible fruit growing on or over public property in the city. Fallen Fruit uses fruit as a medium to explore urban spaces, knowledge, and citizenship, recognizing its symbolic and aesthetic significance.

Head to our shop to learn more about our available works by Fallen Fruit / Austin Young and David Allen Burns.


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Even for seasoned professionals, selling artwork and maximizing the price achieved is a very difficult project. With our US and world-wide contacts, we have a huge network of potential buyers. In addition to having a retail gallery space, we are extremely tuned in to hundreds of dealers with whom we work on a regular basis. We are able to maneuver the payment is- sues, while also dealing with the tricky logistics of packing and shipping. Often, we can just buy material outright and make the transaction even easier. Given a very decent recovery in Art prices, you could be very pleasantly surprised at how much otherwise ignored artwork could fetch for you.

So give us a chance—-you will be amazed at how easy we can make this otherwise daunting situation….

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