Andy Warhol | Endangered Species | Black Rhinoceros 301 | 1983 | Image of Artists' work.

Andy Warhol: “Black Rhinoceros, II.301”

Andy Warhol | Mao, II.99 | 1972

Andy Warhol: “Mao, II.99”

Even compared to the lasting public good of her philanthropy and foundation, or the earlier entertaining and social architecting she and her partner of five years, Clement Greenberg, were renowned for, Frankenthaler’s painting and printmaking made the greater ever-lasting impact. Through her singular approach, she imbued the surprisingly stayed Color Field movement with gesture, spontaneity, and an essence of the moment that helped to fracture the increasing strictures of abstraction, and bring about the freedom of form and approach artists enjoy today.

We invite you to enter our viewing room to witness the beautiful grouping we currently have of Frankenthaler’s prints. We are extending a special price for these works and encourage you to not miss the opportunity to enjoy her work in your home.

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Even for seasoned professionals, selling artwork and maximizing the price achieved is a very difficult project. With our US and world-wide contacts, we have a huge network of potential buyers. In addition to having a retail gallery space, we are extremely tuned in to hundreds of dealers with whom we work on a regular basis. We are able to maneuver the payment is- sues, while also dealing with the tricky logistics of packing and shipping. Often, we can just buy material outright and make the transaction even easier. Given a very decent recovery in Art prices, you could be very pleasantly surprised at how much otherwise ignored artwork could fetch for you.

So give us a chance—-you will be amazed at how easy we can make this otherwise daunting situation….

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