AMERICAN, b. 1960

David Galgano has maintained a troubled love triangle with painting and art dealing for more than thirty years. Adam Karpman is a textiles artists straddling the line between art and craft. The two met at the Pasadena Rose Bowl Swap Meet and began working together, Karpman producing colorful substrates for Galgano’s painting. Though continuing a creative practice in private while maintaining his public presence as a dealer for many years, Galgano recently began exhibiting his own work again. Sharing his renewed excitement for the changes in his practice, Galgano initiated Karpman to begin thinking of his work in a new light, to see the differences between his own dying and what one might expect from the craft.

In a continued exploration of deeply collaborative practice, Hamilton-Selway Fine Art exhibits Know Thyself, works produced by gallery director David Galgano and textile artist Adam Karpman. The title, a well known Delphic maxim, alludes to Galgano and Karpman’s changing creative trajectories. Both artists have more fully taken on the mantle of exhibiting contemporary artists quite recently – Karpman moving beyond craft and into the world of high art, and Galgano returning to showing his own works alongside his labors as a dealer and representative of other artists.

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