LOS ANGELES, APRIL 26, 2018 from 5-8pm — For the very first time, Hamilton-Selway’s very own David Galgano will share a personal and bold narrative rooted in his New York Italian upbringing, alongside close friend and fellow artist, Laura Leonhard, through the shared icons of Americana Kitsch. The two artist’s work provides complimentary context for each other’s art, creating dynamic harmonies that allow the viewer to expand the meanings of both.

In many ways, the exhibition is a celebratory reunion, and not only for the artists who have worked side by side in many capacities over the last three decades (though showing together now for the first time). No, the celebration is also for the hundreds of friends, artists, collectors, and patrons who have worked with Hamilton-Selway and have gotten to know Galgano on a personal level. All are welcome to come see this hidden side, this artist behind the art dealer, and meet David again, as though for the first time.

ABOUT THE ARTISTS Laura Leonhard is a native New Yorker. She attended Fashion Institute of Technology where she received an AA in Fine Arts and a BFA in photography from the School of Visual Arts. Leonhard finds the grit of the country’s soul and presents it to the viewer like lost diamonds.

David Galgano has maintained a troubled love triangle with painting and art dealing for more than thirty years beginning with his time at the School of Visual Arts where he first met Leonhard. Now though, after a period of intense introspection and creation, the artist/dealer is once again ready to exhibit.

The evening promises to be a lively celebratory reunion. Come see Galgano’s hidden side – the artist behind the art dealer – and meet David again as though for the first time.

LAURA LEONHARD – Motel, 2017; Photograph; 16 x 20 inches
DAVID GALGANO – Waiting for Andy, 2018; Acrylic on canvas; 30 x 30 inches



8678 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90026
5-8 PM


APRIL 26th – MAY 5th, 2018
Both Artists will be in attendance

Parking Available at PDC or Library across the street

“All of the years that Laura and I went to art school together, I was selling paintings successfully in New York. I just now reengaged with my own work in a serious way. I have always tried to keep my job separate from my artwork, and now for the first time, essentially, I’ll be exposing that side of myself to clients that I’ve worked with that may have no idea that I’m an artist. In some ways that position of deep vulnerability is why I’m exhibiting alongside my longtime friend Laura Leonhard. This was a great opportunity to come together again and show our work.”


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