GERMAN, b. 1953

Heiner Meyer was a master student at the Academy of Fine Arts Braunschweig and Salvador Dalí’s assistant. His works often deal with luxury goods and investigate the iconisation of people and objects. He glorifies the dream of life by placing stars in pose and elevating the glamor of his paintings by means of status symbols. The game with the facets of desire and lust are recurring motifs in the paintings that deliberately incorporate familiar pictorial quotes. The plethora of images in the media world sparks far-reaching chains of associations that elicit the mostly only vague impression of having already been seen, whether actually experienced in person or just seen / heard / read in the media.

Meyer incorporates sufficient open space to dream in each of his works. Meyers works are based on situative elements whose visual choreography is meant to stimulate our dreams. Painting in the manner of the Old Masters and equipped with hyperaesthetic acumen, the painter evokes dream images in us that are triggered by his works of art. Meyers art is a door into the world of Surrealist fantasy..

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