In the world of street art, Bambi has it all: critical acclaim, celebrity clients ranging from Brad Pitt to Adele, and a stencil of Amy Winehouse on the street in Camden that’s considered to be so culturally important, it is now preserved under a fine layer of plastic. She has achieved this by projecting a distinctly female voice into the male-dominated world of urban etchings.

“Most people like her work because it is through a woman’s eyes, so it comes out a little bit differently from other street art,” explains Michael Sakhai, director of London’s Walton Fine Arts and sole agent for Bambi originals.

Each piece mixes subtle cultural messages with a hint of whimsy. In I Wish (pictured) a small girl asks Santa for “an end to world hunger, poverty, animal cruelty and a set of Little Mix dolls”. In a portrait of Kate Middleton, Foreseeable Reign, Britain’s future Queen is pictured holding a parasol.

In the new exhibition When Banksy Met Bambi, her works are being displayed alongside those of the street-art superstar for the first time.

“However much you hear from hardcore Banksy collectors about her being a copycat, it is something new and extremely different”, says Sakhai. “Banksy is more 90s. It is a very different era: hardcore political – real street art on the cutting edge. With Bambi it is a fusion of pop and street.”

By Philip Boucher, The Independent UK

Exclusive Interview With Bambi, London’s Next Banksy

What are your “weapons of choice” when creating art ? “Mixed media and spray paint, stencils, & acrylic”

Where can people find your art? “The Streets of London or through my manager Lenny Villa – if he answers his phone!”

Do you do other forms of art besides street? “Metal, glass any medium which is interesting”

How long have you been doing art? “Since I opened my eyes”

Do you paint on walls at night? Since your fame as an artist, are you allowed to paint walls in the day now? “Night or day it is always a risk, but mostly at night”

I see that you have been compared to Banksy in the past… Would you compare your self to Banksy? “I am flattered that people compare me to Banksy I have a great appreciation for what he has done for the art world, but my inspirations are Andy Warhol and Francis Bacon. Warhol was a consummate artist from visual art music, to film, sculpture etc. Whereas Bacon took art forms and turned them inside out.”

Has Banksy inspired you as an artist? If so, How? “Yes he has given me inspiration as have many other artists”

His style of art has always “pushed the envelope”, but I feel that your does a little bit more: “Perhaps it is because I am a woman, and we see things more sensitively”

Can you talk about where you get the idea for all of these pieces? Do you feel strongly about the messages that they convey? “The ideas come to me while I am dreaming or when I am strolling around London watching everyday life going by”

By tae, The Art Elephant


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