Happy LGBT Pride Month!

"Where You Lead, I Will Follow" - Steve Walker    

Works of Roy Lichtenstein Explained

BRUSHSTROKES, 1967 by Roy Lichtenstein Brushstrokes reflects Lichtenstein’s interest in the importance of the brushstroke in Abstract Expressionism. Abstract Expressionist artists had made the brushstroke a vehicle to directly communicate…

Velvet Underground Video Directed by Andy Warhol

This was a never-before-seen (until now) concert footage of Velvet Underground playing at the Boston Tea Party in 1967. You can even see Warhol himself fooling around with a projector.

Alex Katz Interview with Adrian Searle

Interview by Adrian Searle, The Guardian

'Jellyfish Eyes' Takashi Murakami's First Feature Film

Takashi Murakami's candy-colored art is easy to recognize, whether on the walls of a museum or the side of a Louis Vuitton handbag. There is no mistaking the Japanese artist's fanciful hand in his new movie venture, either—"Jellyfish Eyes,"…