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John Eshaya, former VP and creative director for Fred Segal, and current fashion designer behind t-shirt and denim line JET, has been buying Warhols from our gallery for years! And now he’s sharing his Palm Springs place with us!

“Another great influence in Eshaya’s design was pop art, which pairs perfectly with his vibrant textiles. ‘My first piece was the Warhol Liz [Taylor], which I bought in 2002, and after then, it became an addiction!’ Eshaya relays that ‘all the Warhols’ are from modern gallery Hamilton-Selway Fine Art in West Hollywood: ‘Ron Valdez has been helping me with my Warhol collection for years.’ The designer also owns a Madonna portrait by Mr. Brainwash and photography by kitsch-pop photographer David LaChapelle, and he cites artists Robert Rauschenberg, Banksy, and Takashi Murakami as ‘pop heroes.'”

Take a look at what else he has to say and show!

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