While in NYC, I was able to go to the Whitney Museum, which is currently showing various works from Jeff Koons, from readymades to his iconic steal sculptures like the Balloon Dog. I was surprised of some of the works I encountered, like the set with the sponges.


I definitely wouldn’t have thought that this would’ve taken most of my time. Basically, Koons strategically placed sponges around a two-sided mirror, with the bottom part being see-through. And from certain angles, you can see, as shown above, a pink sponge reflecting from the top part of the mirror, and a yellow sponge not being reflected, making it look like one sponge with two colors. And it also looks like the pink sponge is also yellow through its ‘reflection.’ It’s deceptively simple.

What was fascinating was his explanations to some of his works.

His retrospective will be showing at the museum until Oct. 19, 2014. If you’re in the area, I recommend you guys go see it.

Here’s a few pics I took!

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