Taking Care of Your Art

Purchasing a piece of art today is usually a considerable investment. It therefore becomes especially important to take proper care of it. Here are a few tips that will help you maintain the value and integrity of your artwork.

  • When hanging art in your home, make sure that it is in an environment with a humidity level optimally less that 50% and a relatively consistent temp of around 70 degrees. We strongly recommend against hanging fine art in such places as a bathroom, a boat, over a radiator or a frequently used fireplace. Areas such as these can encourage mold on paper, and cause significant deterioration to the artwork.
  • Especially when it concerns modern and contemporary prints, we want to be very careful about the exposure of your prints to sunlight. Morning and evening light can be especially damaging — Heightened UV protecting plexi-glass is an excellent way to cut down on damage caused to artwork by natural light. We also recommend not exposing prints to artificial lights closely directed towards to artwork. You can also minimize the damaging effect of fluorescent lights to art by placing ultraviolent sleeves over the bulbs.
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